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Spartan Coins is a leading custom coin manufacturer. We are based in Arizona and have ten years experience manufacturing custom coins. There has never been a coin design we could not do over the course of that time. I’m not bragging, I'm interviewing for a job. I want to be your custom coin minting service.

What do we need from you to get your custom coin project started? Well I’m glad you asked. First we’re going to need to know some specifics, such as how many coins you’ll be producing. What size and metal finish will your coin be and will there be any paint color on your coin? Finally we will need to know any additional features that are going to be on your coin such as epoxy or special edge.

I know it may seem like a lot at first but it’s really simple. Spartan Coins dot com is here to assist you with any questions you might have about creating your own quality challenge coins. After all we have been a part of the design and manufacturing of over one thousand coins.

What are the additional features I can get on my custom made challenge coins? There are a lot of answers to that question but I will start with epoxy. Epoxy is a clear coat finish that fills in all the nooks and crannies of your coin and leaves a smooth overall finish. If you want to feel the relief of raised and recessed metal then epoxy is not for you.

Numbering is another custom coin feature that can be accomplished on a raised block, edge of the coin or third side (as we call it in this business) or on any flat non-painted area. Numbering is completed by either stamping or laser engraving. The last common additional feature I will discuss here is special edges. Typically the standard coin edge is flat and smooth like a Penny or Nickel. There are also special edges and they include a rope edge, diamond cut edge (flat, weave, twist and petal cut) and the infamous reeded edge which can be seen on a United States Quarter or Dime.

There are a few uncommon additional features and therefore I will not touch on them in this post. If you ever wonder who has the best custom coins you need look no further than

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