samples of customized challenge coins

design your own custom challenge coins

The special shaped Tucson Arizona sector United States Border Patrol coin below measures 2 inches (longest dimension) is die cast zinc alloy and 4mm thick. This coin features shiny gold plating, soft enamel paint color on both sides and numbering on the edge which cannot be seen.

We can manufacture custom coins in just about any shape imaginable. Get your free, no obligation quote today!

The United States States Army 2D Cyber Protection Battalion, Bravo Company challenge coin below measures 2 inches around is die struck brass, features antique gold plating and soft enamel paint color on both sides. I really love the Greek knot on this coin. I think it really contributes to making this coin outstanding!

The Santa Barbara County (California) Sheriff Criminal Investigations unit challenge coin below features both black nickel and shiny gold plating. Measures 2 inches in diameter and has soft enamel paint color on both sides.

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